Testimonials After Plastic Surgery

I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped while I stayed in Lithuania for my surgery. I'm so pleased with the results and the surgeon was a pleasure.

Again thank you and I'm sure you shall be hearing from my friends soon as they are looking certain procedures and I shall recommend yourselves.

Sandra, UK


I wanted to write and say a huge thank you to you all. I had my surgery (arm lift and inner thigh lift) Oct 22nd and came home a few days later. Have just had my stitches out and am over the moon with the results. The nurse at my local clinic was very impressed with the results. I came alone and was very nervous but after meeting everyone I felt so at ease and truly believed I was going to be in good hands, and I wasn't disappointed.

This is a young clinic, with young staff and surgeons, who have been trained in the very latest techniques. Superb is the word that comes to mind. The clinic is excellent along with the aftercare, and at no extra cost you are picked up and dropped off for all clinic appointments during your stay. They even pick you up from the airport and take you back for your journey home.

Within a very short space of time on my very first visit to the clinic, I saw both the surgeons that are featured in the website video walk in to work. I liked that! It showed me that they were not there just for effect on the website but were fully working surgeons at the clinic.

My surgeon was amazing and I will be thinking of him when I’m walking across the beach in January. I know this is the start of a new and much more confident journey for me. We had a long chat together pre operation about what I was wanting from the surgery and what he could offer me, and he spent a long time doing measurements, etc. He is a perfectionist. Oh and the icing on the cake is two free massages. Heaven!!!!! Thank you so much, will be back in the new year for one last treat to myself.

Jacqueline, UK


I do hope you are well and happy.

Just thought I would let you know that my  stitches have been taken out.

My lower face lift was very successful and the results are good.  Vygintas is a highly skilled surgeon.  No tell tale marks can be seen and I just look younger, without any obvious signs of surgery.  I am extremely grateful for the wonderful care I received and have recommended your clinic to a number of people.

Anne, London


Took a full abdominoplasty, liposuction of the hips and abs splicing of the 17.04.2012. So far, 7 days after, I am very pleased. The nurses and doctor are all very professional. First, my impressions of the clinic was how clean and tidy it was. Everything was washed several times a day, and everyone is very careful to sterilize things. The nurses talks ok English. Doctors and the anesthesia doctor speaks perfect English. Communication will not be a problem when everyone is very careful to ensure that you understand what you are going through and procedure of the whole thing.

The scar was placed far down, so it will not appear over the bikini-edge. Got a great follow-up both before and after surgery. Is very positive about how quickly you get answers. Some days my questions are answered just 10 minutes after the mail was sent. Very good with a large menu ranging from appetizers, main dishes, desserts to drink (included in price). Would recommend this to anyone considering the performance of any type of surgery. I did this alone, and was in Lithuania for 7 days. Recommend that you bring a travel companion, this may be a little lonely in the long run. Many thanks to Dr. Kestutis to meet my wishes, and to reassure me with humor when things were a little tough.

Renee, Norway


When someone wishes for something to be different about themselves there are those who choose to "live with it," "work with it", or those like myself who, "simply choose to change it".
When I looked in the mirror there was always something that I wanted changed, it was my bust size. I had tried foam inserts, padded bra's, even silicone inserts, but I had gotten to a point where I wanted something permanent! As anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery should, I started doing my research. When I finally decided I was well-equipped with knowledge I need to find a reputable surgeon. That is when I found Dr. K. Maslauskas. Not only was my entire experience pleasant right from the second I walked through the door with the friendly greeting from the receptionist, but the consultant was just as comforting and when everything went extremely well and that is when I was certain I had chosen the right clinic. When I met Dr. K. Maslauskas, that is when I was absolutely 110% sure that my choice was the right one. Now, almost 6 weeks later, I feel great!

Lisa, London


Dear Dr. Maslauskas, Dr. Kaikaris and everyone at the Clinic. Now that I am officially ‘signed off’ I just wanted to write and thank you all so much following my Liposculpture in September. Firstly I am absolutely thrilled with the results – I no longer catch myself in the mirror and sigh and I have bought my first bikini in 20years!  My stomach was so out of proportion with the rest of me that it constantly affected my self-confidence – but not any more!  The difference is fantastic.
Secondly the care you have all given me was wonderful, you were all so reassuring and friendly it took all the stress out of the procedure and that meant a lot to me.  It was clear you all really cared about making the procedure as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
Thank you all, Best Wishes.

Diana, Norway


I am very happy to be here and did my operation. The doctors and the nurses have been very good and nice to me. I am so happy for my operation that I can't describe it:)

Rita Owusu


First I am so glad to be here. Everything was just perfect, maybe just the pain... Well if I have to come back for my nose! I will!
Actually, it's more what I expect.
So thanks you so much.

Naima from Paris


Thank you so much for my new boobs!!! I'm so happy and you are so nice...
The service at your clinic is amazing. I'm gonna tell my friends and I'll send them here!

Lots of love from Emilie, Sweden


Big thanks for changing my old 400cc implants with my new amazing 600cc. The best work I ever seen, so professional!

Donna Marie T from Denmark


Thank you so much for good service. I'm very happy that I did my operation here.
You are the best!

Kija from Sweden


Hi everyone!
I just wanna thank you all for the great job you guys have done. I'm so happy for my new boobs, they look really nice!
Thank you for taking such good care of me and Claudia:)
You guys one of the best. Thank you...

Much love, ShuShu


Hello everybody,
Thank you so much for the wonderful job with my boobs, they look terrific! The nurses and everyone is so sweet. I haven't had such good treatment in my all life! So thank you so much, you are all the best! I'm gonna miss you guys...


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