Breast Implants Versus Autologous Tissue

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Breast enlargement is done due to various reasons – for reconstructive purposes after mastectomy because of breast cancer or for cosmetic purposes. Nowadays we have many methods for breast augmentation. It is hard to say which one to choose. Actually no one can tell us this, we can just compare different methods and after a consultation with a surgeon every woman should decide on her own.

Breast implants
Pros and cons of silicone and saline breast implants

In comparison with saline implants silicone ones are more popular because they feel more like real breast but they pose bigger risk if they leak. Saline implants ruptures are easy to spot. The breast becomes smaller because leaking fluid is absorbed by the body, while silicone implant ruptures remain undetected. Therefore, women have to undergo Magnetic Resonance Imaging once every two years. Saline implants are filled after surgery for this reason the incision is smaller and a woman may decide to change the size of breasts without a surgery.

Autologous tissue

The tissue of the same person that is moved from one part of the body to another. This is another, not artificial, breast augmentation type where stem cell-enriched autologous fat is used. This procedure is also called lipofilling (adding in lipids). There are also other autologous tissues like muscles but we will talk only about autologous fat, which is used more often for cosmetic purposes than for reconstruction.