Plastic Surgery And Pregnancy

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• Mommy makeover

Having a baby is one of the most joyful, exciting and emotional events in women’s life. However, often pregnancy gives a few unwanted bonus gifts which change women’s body and usually this new look is far from flattering. From skin laxity to sagging or deflated breasts, extra padding and  generally unpleasant southward slant, which no amount of diet and exercise can correct. Thankfully to advances in medicine and in plastic surgery these problems might be quickly corrected. Nowadays, cosmetic procedures are more affordable, less risky, less expensive and more attainable to everyday women than ever before. Among the most popular surgical operations are abdominoplasty, breast augmentation and combinations of these surgical cosmetic procedures.


During pregnancy women skin is stretches and after delivery skin and muscles lose elasticity, leaving many with undesirable sagging skin on the lower part of the abdomen. To restore and adjust the abdomen wall abdominoplasty is performed. During abdominoplasty the excess of skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen is surgically removed, as well as abdominal muscle can be repaired if it is needed. As a  result  flatter tummy and smaller waist is obtained. Usually, scars of surgery are hidden to the area covered by a swimsuit bottom or underwear. Also, this surgery does not involve any inside organs of the abdomen, as well as reproductive organs. That is why future pregnancy is possible. However, during next pregnancy after abdominoplasty there could be some minor problems. During pregnancy the same abdominal area that was adjusted during surgery can stretch apart again, in order to fit for the growing fetus, and skin may not be elastic enough to return to its normal state after delivery. If this happens, additional revision may be needed. That is why most plastic surgeons strongly recommend that women complete their childbearing before having abdominoplasty.

Breast augmentation

Another rather common problem for women during and after pregnancy is sagging breasts. After pregnancy, the tissues of the breasts can shrink and lose their tension due to weight fluctuations and hormonal changes. Surgical cosmetic procedure can help restore the breasts to more natural and more elastic proportions. However, it is recommended to delay breast augmentation until women are finished having more children. Although breast augmentation has no influence on women ability to become pregnant, however pregnancy after surgery will affect the results of breast augmentation. Many studies have shown that breast implants do not affect the safety of lactation and there is no risk of silicone getting into breast milk and no risk for baby, even if breast implant has ruptured. While it is safe for baby, however there could be some complications during breastfeeding such as some loss of sensation in nipple and breast area.

Mommy makeover

Fairly often, women are turning to surgeons because of breast and abdominal concerns after pregnancy. Once the woman has stopped losing the weight after pregnancy and her breasts and abdomen have stopped changing, surgery may be solution of the problem. In such situations “Mommy Makeover” may help, which include liposuction of the hips, abdomen or sides of chest, breast augmentation with or without implants, breast implants alone, and even breast reduction surgery. This surgery may be performed in as little as 2 or 3 months after childbirth. Many studies show that combined abdominoplasty and cosmetic breast surgery is safe and effective. Also it was proven that there is no significant difference in morbidity between patients undergoing abdominoplasty alone and patients undergoing abdominoplasty with combined breast surgery. As well as in the case of single abdominoplasty or breast surgery, it is recommended not to plan any more children for the foreseeable future before “Mommy makeover” surgery also.