COVID-19 update

Dear patients and members of the Nordesthetics community,

We would like to let you know that NEW regulations were approved for people traveling to Lithuania from foreign countries. From now on, our patients can travel to Lithuania and the clinic without major restrictions. There are two options:

  • If patients are traveling from the “green” or “yellow” countries – no self-isolation is needed from the moment of arrival (see the map here).
  • If patients are travelling from “red” and “grey” countries – they will not have to self-isolate after receiving a negative result of their COVID-19 tests done in Lithuania; OR having such a test done in their home countries not more than 48 hours before arriving to Lithuania. Before such test results are known, the patient has to self-isolate (it may take a couple of days, however there is no obligatory self-isolation of 10-14 days as it was before).

As an additional safety measure, it is now also required that you wear a face mask, covering both mouth and nose, and keep a safe distance while being in public places and/or communicating with other people.

The clinic also has some additional requirements, needed to ensure your safety and the safety of other patients and other members of our community:

  • The patient is asked to arrive to Lithuania at least 3 days before the surgery and have the COVID-19 test done here.
  • We highly recommend having an additional COVID-19 test in the home country. This would lower the chance of getting a positive COVID-19 test result once the patient arrives. 
  • We also ask you to avoid crowded places such as supermarkets, restaurants, museums, public events, etc. and follow mostly Clinic-Accommodation route;
  • The clinic will not cover any travelling and accommodation expenses in case a patient receives a positive result after having their COVID-19 tests done upon arrival in Lithuania.

In addition to that, as previously all travellers must fill out an online form in order to bypass unnecessary form-filling at the airport, save time, and avoid contacts with other people.