Refund from NHS

Most of the time plastic surgeries are done for aesthetic reasons. It can help to feel more confident and beautiful in your own body. However, there some operation – such as breast reduction – which are done because of the medical reasons and can be covered by NHS.

We help our patients to get a refund!

Breast reduction surgery for medical reasons

Breast reduction becomes a medical necessity when the size and weight of the bust start affecting one’s general well-being:

  • Excessively large breasts are associated with shoulder, neck, back pain and numbness that may later result in some serious medical conditions that affect the spine and upper body muscles, such as scoliosis, etc.
  • Moreover, a very large bust may limit one’s everyday activities, such as exercising and impair one’s social life contributing to an increased daily mental distress. 

Have the surgery abroad and get a refund!

That is the main reason why people start considering having their surgery abroad. Although it might look like a time- and money-consuming process, our clinic is ready to help our patients to get a refund.

Hannah's story

Hannah McConkey was put on the NHS waiting list for a breast reduction due to her health problems. The EU directive route allows people on this waiting list to source their own surgery abroad.

“In the UK the waiting list for this surgery is around 6 years. This route then allows patients to apply for funding, get surgery as soon as possible,”– says Hannah.

The money are refunded to the patient after the surgery, once invoices, receipts, and other documents have been approved.

Hannah's breast reduction results

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