Plastic Surgeon Mantas Sakalauskas

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Mantas Sakalauskas
Dr. Mantas Sakalauskas plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Member of Lithuanian and European Wound Management Association

Has trainings in Lithuania and abroad

Professional education

• 2010 – 2011: Medical internship at Jonava Hospital
• 2005 – 2011: Higher education, MA in medical sciences, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Professional activities

• 2011 – resident plastic and reconstructive surgeon at The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
• 2015 – ongoing: plastic surgeon at Nordesthetics
• 2016 – ongoing: plastic and reconstructive surgeon at The Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Scientific activities, articles published

• Member of Lithuanian and European Wound Management Association
• Five articles published in Lithuanian medical journals
• Has given four talks at international scientific conferences abroad and 14 talks at scientific conferences in Lithuania
• Attends scientific conferences and further qualification training courses in Lithuania and abroad every year

A series of video interviews, FAQ sessions with Mantas Sakalauskas:

FAQ: about Fleur de Lis tummy tuck

FAQ: about post-surgical wound care

FAQ: about difference between breast implants

A couple reviews of Mantas Sakalauskas in our closed Facebook group

I would recommend this place to anyone from the girls who pick you up from the airport and take you to the clinic and the staff in the clinic have been amazing and my surgeon Dr. Mantas Sakalauskas was brilliant from start to finish! Of home tomorrow. Lisa

– – –

Mantas Sakalaukas just did my fleur-de-lis he’s very nice and has done an excellent job. Bex

– – – 

Yes. Mantas Sakalauskas was my surgeon. Can’t praise him enough. Delighted with my results. Never in a million years did I see my results as great as they are. Jess

– – –

Nearly 6 month post op (full tt with lipo and muscle repair) and still happy. Dr mantas s. Has done an amazing job. Haven’t been to the gym yet but planning on going soon. Kimberly

– – –

I have to praise Dr. Mantas as the doctor and nurses were all very impressed with what a neat job he did with the stitching and think my scars are very minimal. Yvonne

– – –

Hi, I just came back home after a mommy makeover. My experience regarding the stay and the staff is outstanding, they know their job incredibly well and are attentive to everyone in a good way. This is a great place and I felt safe to be operated by this surgeon. My wounds are healed in just under 2 weeks. I received good information and they were always there to help. I am incredibly pleased with my stay at your clinic. The surgeon who operated me was completely unique, he has incredibly good knowledge in his field. Dr. Mantas Sakalauskas, I am thankful to have chosen you. Laila

– – –

I have had full tummy tuck surgery with sewing of abdominal muscles and I am very satisfied 🙂 It was performed by Dr Mantas, no complications or infection 🙂 The doctors here say the surgery has been done very well 🙂 Luna

– – –

I honestly couldn’t rate Dr Mantas any higher this man knows his stuff and I have had a few things done by him now and my face and body are looking lush, he is a very good Surgeon. Madyx

– – –

I am 4 days postop tummy tuck, breast implants, and nipple lift with Dr. Mantas and I am already incredibly pleased. My incisions look very neat and are already healing very well. He’s so incredibly friendly and professional. He made me feel super comfortable and spent probably 20-30 minutes just answering various questions I had prior to surgery. Maggie

– – –

Feeling super happy with my upper and lower eye lid surgery, my bags and hollows are gone. And my fat transfer to face I am really happy with. Thank you Dr Mantas. Anjali

– – –

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