Nordesthetics answers your questions: 9 things you need to remember before the surgery

Plastic surgery has nothing to do with a beautician procedure, which is why patients have to adhere to certain rules and requirements. 


Nails should not be polished, either with regular or long-lasting nail varnish. This is important because a device, measuring oxygen saturation is placed on the patient’s finger and the levels of oxygen saturation to the blood are being monitored during the surgery. In order for the device to work properly and provide accurate, the nails should be as natural as possible.


The surgeons do not recommend putting cream or oil on the skin  – the skin has to be dry, as otherwise there is a heightened risk of infection. The patients must not use any self-tanning products for at least a month before the surgery. 


 Adhesive eyelashes should also not be used, as there is a heightened risk of cornea infection or even injury, as a result of which the eyelashes would fall off. Wearing makeup is also not recommended.


Jewelry should not be worn during the surgery – electronic devices, powered by electricity are used during the surgery. Wearing jewelry may lead to skin burns


Contact lenses should not be worn due to possible eye injury.


No food or drink on the day of the surgery.


The patients should quit smoking at least 2 months before the surgery. Smoking is detrimental to wound healing.


We recommend wearing loose clothing and comfortable footwear.


We recommend wearing or bringing compression socks. They can be used for thrombosis prevention and should be worn at least during the flight.