Plastic Surgeon Andrius Pajeda

Dr. Andrius Pajeda plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Has trainings in Lithuania and abroad

Is an active participant in international plastic surgery community events

Performs over 300 plastic surgeries a year

Professional education

• 2006 – graduation from Solihull Six Form College, UK
• 2012 – graduation from Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in Kaunas
• 2017 – graduation from Vilnius University hospital Santara clinics

Professional activities

• 2012 – Panevezys Republican hospital, medical doctor
• 2012 – 2017 – Vilnius University hospital Santara clinics
• 2015 – 2016 – “Akademikliniken” in Stockholm, Sweden. Performed more than a 1000 aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures with the team.
• Currently – plastic surgeon at Nordesthetics

Scientific activities, articles published:

• 2013 – International Master Course on Aging Science, Paris, France
• 2016 – Beauty through Science, Stockholm, Sweden
• 2017 – 3rd International Tampere Plastic Surgery Flap Dissection Course

A series of video interviews, FAQ sessions with Andrius Pajeda:

FAQ: about neck lift surgery

FAQ: about armlift and armpitlift 

FAQ: about thigh lift

A couple reviews of Andrius Pajeda in our closed Facebook group

Very happy with my facelift results xx. Jackie

– – – 

I have had a few problems following my fl but 10 months post op and its all settled down and couldn’t be happier. Michelle

– – – 

I had a clasic face lift in october. I am more than happy with my result. Brigita

– – – 

I came home and went straight to my own doctor, I wanted to show surgery and scars. My doctor was very pleased with my results. In fact impressed that it looked so good and without a single small infection. My doctor told me that with such big wounds it was more common that a small problem could occur than not. So he was impressed with both the job and the result. Kaja

– – – 

I had my tummy tuck & lipo to my back and also some lipo on my chin done yesterday & I had Dr Pajeda. I’m extremely impressed with him & the nurses. They really do look after you so well here. I have a little pain but nothing to bad. The hospital is very clean and everyone is friendly! I would highly recommend coming here. Erica

– – –

Dr Andrius Pajeda has transformed me! My 10 year old implants went saggy, my nipples had stretched and they were too big so now they are lifted, smaller nipple and a nice C cup. Anyone thinking of having this surgery you won’t regret it  😁 Jenni

– – –

Would like to take this opportunity to thank Nordestetics but more so Dr Andrius Pajeda you are amazing! I felt confident in my bikini and can now wear dresses again without covering my legs with tights. Jan

– – –

Doctor A Pajeda is just a miracle in my life ❤️ I’m so happy  🎀 new life.  Julia

– – –

I had a TT, breast uplift and Lipo with Dr Pajeda and he’s brilliant, lovely man and very professional. Catherine

– – –

Dr Andrius Pajeda, was lovely, listened understood and was very caring!  Claire

– – –

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