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We are one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the European Union with over 10 years of experience. Our team of 12 plastic surgeons performs more than 3.000 plastic operations a year. Around 90 % of our patients travel from abroad, mostly from the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.

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Even 68% of our patients travel to have combined surgeries due to our expertise in this field – it has been our specialisation for many years now. We performed such surgeries for more than 10.000 patients to this date. Combining surgeries allow our patients to save time, money and even health. We carefully select patients, evaluate each case individually, and only agree to combine surgeries within health & safety limits.

We are one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the European Union with over 10 years of experience. Our team of 12 plastic surgeons performs more than 3.000 plastic operations a year and around 90 % of our patients travel from abroad, mostly the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.

We are trusted by our patients and we appreciate all the reviews and feedback collected over the years. You can find lots of testimonials from our previous patients online on GoogleFacebookTrustpilot or Realself.

Already more than 30.000 of our former, current and future patients joined our online community with the aim to build a space for opinions and mutual support. Members are welcome to share experiences about their visit to the clinic and to discuss all surgery-related matters.

Our team of 12 plastic surgeons has 10-15 years of experience in the field in total performing over 3.000 different plastic surgeries per year. Moreover, our surgeons are members of various prestigious surgical societies both Lithuanian and international.

Our clinic or patients are seen on different media mentions like: BBC, Forbes, Mirror, MailOnline, The Sun and others.

Our clinic works according to the highest standards set by the European Union. This helps to guarantee the quality of medical services. We care about the safety, comfort and successful results of our patients from all over the world.

We provide customer service in 9 foreign languages including English, Swedish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish. Everyone in our clinic speaks English, including nurses, assistants and the surgeon.

Every patient has a dedicated customer service representative, helping patients plan their visit, answer all associated questions, available every working day via email/phone.

We do offer an exclusive Aftercare package in the UK and Ireland for our plastic surgery patients. With our Aftercare package, you will get extra support and help while healing and recovering back in the UK or Ireland. Our partner Hollie is a professional cosmetic nurse practitioner with 17 years of post-registration experience. Now Hollie is managing the nurse network in the UK and Ireland which is ready to help you, the patients of the Nordesthetics. 

Patients have an opportunity to stay in the apartments, supervised by our clinic. Apartments are located in the centre of Kaunas and most importantly, right next to our new clinic, in the same building (1 min by foot) and are provided with additional medical care (the nurse visits a patient at least once a day after discharge from the clinic), which is not possible while staying in a hotel or other accommodation.

All inclusive price, which is twice lower than in Western European clinics. Our clinic works with medical professionals of the highest education and experience level and uses the same materials as the clinics in Western Europe. More often than not, the quality of our clinic‘s facilities exceed the ones in Western European clinics. The price difference is only due to considerably lower average salaries and taxes – which is the main reason for medical travel everywhere around the world.

12 plastic surgeons
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London (London City, Stansted, Luton), Bristol, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Doncaster, Belfast
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Our clinic is the biggest plastic surgery center in Baltic states 
Self-catered accommodation with medical care 
  • Hernia surgery – from 1.300 €
  • Scar treatment – from 300 €
  • Gallbladder removal – from 2.100 €
Plastic surgery for men

Why plastic surgery is not only for women?

One of the most common myths about plastic surgery is that it is only popular among women. However, this myth is completely untrue, because even though there are significantly more women undergoing plastic surgeries, the number of treated men is getting higher each year. Cosmetic surgery is of high importance because it is meant to improve physical appearance regardless of one’s gender.
There are different reasons why the popularity of male plastic surgery is rising, one of them being a recent cultural shift. Men are no longer expected to be rugged and weathered and a smoother look is considered more attractive. On the other hand, the appearance helps to improve confidence, which not only is important in personal life, but also helps to achieve professional goals. Furthermore, plastic surgery helps with some health issues and corrects physical defects that cause inconveniences (e.g. gynecomastia).
What is plastic surgery?

Modern plastic surgery has roots in reconstructive repairs that with time included more and more improvements to the appearance. Over a hundred years ago, when there was no formal training to become a plastic surgeon, doctors specialising in other areas, including otolaryngology and orthopaedics, started performing and perfecting procedures to improve facial or body features.

Nowadays, plastic surgery is an independent and a very well-established speciality. Plastic surgeons can perform dozens of procedures that are relatively safe and include both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. A surgery is considered to be reconstructive when medical conditions or traumas require reconstruction of body parts to regain function or even survive. These include hereditary abnormalities such as a carpal tunnel syndrome (nerve compression in the wrist) or injuries like burns or scars. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is performed when no medical conditions are present but rather the patient’s visual appearance or body shape is to be improved.

Who is a suitable candidate for a plastic surgery?

Although the surgeon will take all measures to perform any surgeries as safely as possible, it is also important to consider whether the patient is a suitable candidate both physically and mentally to undergo a specific procedure. Low-risk patients should be in good general health, should not be excessively consuming alcohol or smoking, they should not have any medical conditions, such as diabetes, blood clotting disorders, or obesity. If the patient, however, does possess any risk factors, the surgeon will adjust the procedure to the needs of the patient or discuss other available options.

Why do people decide to undergo plastic surgery?

The importance of reconstructive surgery cannot be diminished as it is a way to substantially improve the patient’s life or even save it. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is a the patient’s choice; it plays an important role in improving patients’ self-confidence, and thus the quality of life.

There are many reasons why people decide to seek surgical treatment. One of them could inevitably be aging. For example, wrinkles, which are the result of worsened skin elasticity, could be easily reduced during a facelift.

Other plastic surgery type, which is common for men, is body contouring surgeries. There are two main reasons, why people decide to undergo such surgeries as abdominoplasty or liposuction. First of all , in case of massive weight loss, plastic surgery is performed to remove extra skin. Second, body contouring surgeries help to achieve the body shape you want by targeting specific areas (e.g. arm lift, thigh lift).

Moreover, people often decide to undergo surgery because of inherited imperfections of the body. Proportion and shape of the earsnose, or other body parts can be improved in a way that would fulfil the patient’s expectations.


Preparation for plastic surgery

Preparation for surgery is an integral part of a successful procedure as well as an easy recovery. Detailed steps should be discussed with the surgeon, but patients are usually asked to avoid consuming bigger amounts alcohol and stop smoking roughly a month before and after the surgery. That is because nicotine and alcohol have a significant effect on wound healing and cardiovascular health. Daily exercise and a well-balanced diet are also important in order to improve metabolism and thus wound healing. Just before surgery, a patient will also have to undergo a health assessment, including blood tests, electrocardiogram (ECG) or others. Mental preparation and realistic expectations are also important.

Ethics of plastic surgery 

The demand for aesthetic surgery is getting increasingly higher each year, indicating that people are more than ever aware of their physical appearance. Reconstructive surgery is less of a dilemma because it usually is a necessity and can highly benefit patients who suffer from disfiguring hereditary abnormalities. Aesthetic surgery, on the other hand, is performed due to a patient’s wish, and thus requires more attention regarding certain aspects, such as reasons for undergoing surgery, mental health of the patient and possible risks.
After evaluating a patient’s health, expectations and other possible non-surgical options, the surgeon has to make a decision whether to perform surgery or not in the patient’s best interests. The patient and the specialist should always reach a consensus regarding the need of the procedure. However, it is important to note that surgeon can refuse to perform plastic surgery and the patient should trust the recommendations aimed at helping in the best way possible.

Common myths about cosmetic surger

Sports after plastic surgery

It is known that a lot of athletes consider plastic surgery to overcome some visual imperfections which cannot be improved by nutrient-rich diets or sports. However, there is still a lot of discussion about whether you should exercise after having a plastic surgery. 
There is a general rule that it is better to avoid any type of physical activity during first 48 hours after any kind of plastic surgery. Later, some careful activities can be included during first 2 weeks after the operation. Depending on the surgery that you had, your surgeon will recommend what kind of activity you should include or avoid during the first month after the surgery. Here are some general recommendations, which are useful when talking about exercising after plastic surgery:

Recovery time differs for each person. We recommend taking it easy and letting yourself fully recover for about 1,5-2 months before going back to active sports. After that you can gradually come back to your usual workout routine. It is important to remember that sport is beneficial to both physical and mental health. So you should give your body some time to heal and get back to excising as soon as possible. 

Explaining aftercare and revision surgery policy

You can find more information in video format about post-op healing and revision surgery policy in the section “Explaining aftercare and revision surgery policy” here.

Why should you opt for surgery abroad?

There are numerous reasons why patients decide to undergo surgery abroad.

  • Firstly, it is considerably less expensive than in their home countries even if a patient has to pay for travel and accommodation. It is important to note that the prices are lower due to differences in the economy and therefore have nothing to do with the quality of the surgery. 
  • Secondly, the waiting time is usually way shorter. Waiting time is reduced because the clinic specializes in working with patients from abroad only, thus dedicating time and attention exclusively to foreign patients. 
  • Thirdly, surgeons are well-experienced. Every specialist invests time and energy in improving surgical techniques, learning from other surgeons from abroad and sharing their knowledge in exchange. Additionally, all doctors speak English, thus there are no language barriers between the surgeon and the patient. As for the hospital, all healthcare clinics are certified and adhere to certain standards, therefore patients can completely trust the welcoming clinic.
  • Lastly, people are delighted to combine vacation with surgical procedures especially if they have someone close to accompany them during the trip.
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