Plastic Surgeon Gediminas Samulenas

Dr. Gediminas Samulenas plastic and reconstructive surgeon

Had trainings in Lithuania and Germany

Interests in reconstructive surgery, free microsurgical flaps

Professional education

• 2007 – 2013 Master degree in medicine at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
• 2013 – 2013 Internship at Republican Hospital of Kaunas
• 2013 – 2018 Residency at Department of Plastic and reconstructive surgery at LUHS

Professional activities

• 2017 – Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery training at Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery at Hospital of RWTH in Aachen
• 2017 – Microsurgical flap harvesting training (cadaver dissection) at Tampere University
• 2018 – 2018 Plastic surgeon at Department of Plastic and reconstructive surgery at LUHS
• 2018 – ongoing Plastic surgeon at Nordesthetics

Scientific activities, articles published

• Proximal carpal crease incision for carpal tunnel release, a pilot study
• Juvenile aseptic osteonecrosis – Kienböck disease
• Platelet biology and the rationale of PRP therapy in chronic wounds (European Journal of Plastic surgery)

A series of video interviews, FAQ sessions with Gediminas Samulenas:

FAQ: about eyelid/brow lift surgery

FAQ: about mommy makeover

FAQ: about facelift

A couple reviews of Gediminas Samulenas in our closed Facebook group

Tomorrow at 9.30 I’m going under the knife for TT and lipo under my arms. It has been a good experience so far and meeting Dr. Gediminas Samulenas today made me feel calm. These guys know their job well. Kristin

– – –

I was very scared before and after the operation even though I felt very supported by the Nordesthetics crew.
I just want to say thank you all for everything! Specially Thanks to dr Gediminas Samulenas for your professionalism not only for the surgery but also for the patience and humanism. All the crew that I’ve meet, nurses, administrators and my manager. Big love because you care. Amanda

– – –

I have just had liposuction to my knees with fat transfer to my face. I had Gediminas as my surgeon. He speaks fantastic English and my results less than 24 hours are amazing. I have a goody bag of dressings antibiotics pain killers and his email if I have any concerns. The clinic is spotless. The nurses all wear gloves and are in and out to see you. I could not fault them. Elaine 

– – –

He’s amazing and offers a lot of support when you need reassurance… he done great work! Stitched me very neatly. A’neil

– – –

Breast lift without implants by Dr. Gediminas Samulenas. 😍 Couldn’t be more pleased, i love the result, and everybody at the Clinic is amazing. 🤩 Elena

– – –

13 weeks post op breast augmentation with Dr Samulenas! No complications whatsoever, such an amazing quick journey, I couldn’t be happier! 😍 Evelina

– – –

Dr Samulenas is a damn miracle worker. What an incredible surgeon.❤️ Xanthe

– – –

My surgeon was dr gediminas samulenas hes amazing!!! I was so scared and helped me with that. So professional. Victoria

– – –

I can’t thank Dr. Gediminas Samulėnas, and all the staff at this clinic, they are miracle workers lol. 💗💗 TC Lynn

– – –

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