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Jenny, Ireland

I had a mommy makeover (breast reduction and tummy tuck) in April 2022. Dr Gediminas Samulenas was my surgeon. I cannot talk highly enough of nordesthetics. Everything from contact with my rep Indre before I went over and the staff that collected us from the airport and dropped us back after, the nurses, reception staff and of course the surgeon were just amazing. My husband came with me and we stayed in the nords apartments which were just beautiful, so clean and literally had everything you needed. I was so nervous to meet Dr. Samulenas but he made me feel so comfortable and was so easy to talk to. After the surgery was done and I woke up, the nurses did absolutely everything. Their care was of the highest standard and they could not do enough for you. I am so happy with my results, any questions I had even after I returned home where answered quickly. It’s the best thing I had have ever done. I wish I had of done it sooner. To anyone travelling over, the bolt and volt app made everything so easy. You don’t have to do any thinking as nords do everything for you. Every part of the journey and care given by nords was just brilliant. I highly recommend them and am already thinking of my next visit.


Hannah, UK

Nordesthetics is amazing!

Nordesthetics is amazing! It’s now been 9 months since my surgery and can honestly say I am over the moon with my results, I had a breast reduction and lift with dr goda I went from a 40GG to a 40D which is exactly what I wanted. Dr goda was fabulous she listened to me and answered all my questions talked me through everything and told me exactly what needed to be done to get the best possible results. she put me at ease and I had 100% confidence in her. My surgery all went to plan and thankfully I had no complications, the nurses in the clinic are so lovely and kind they can’t do enough for you and are always there if you need them. The whole clinic including my apartment was spotless and there is loads of information in the apartment about which apps you can download to get food shopping and cooked food delivered to your door and there is also a communal area in the clinic with a mini self serve shop with a fridge-freezer full off fresh and frozen food and drinks and shelves with other food items and snacks its always fully stocked with lots to choose from. my rep Justina was fantastic from start to finish she helped me so much with absolutely everything from booking my surgery to helping me book flights and the apartment sorting out all transfers from the airport to the clinic and back and even when I got home I developed some pain and redness I emailed Justina and within a few hours she emailed me back with advice from one of the doctors, the aftercare has been great also with regular check ins. Getting my surgery in nordesthetics was the best decision I’ve ever made so good in fact that I will be returning hopefully in a few months for more surgery. (Please note this is based on my experience alone others may have also had an amazing experience like me and others may have had a different experience so always do your research and make sure you are 100% happy before making such a huge decision)


Hannah T., UK

Amazing experience following 10 stone weight loss

I’ve been to nords twice and honestly can’t fault them. The first was for a 360 TT with Fleur de lis incision and an arm lift, and the second time a inner thigh lift and a upper back lift following 10 stone weight loss. The entire process from booking to arriving to post op has been spot on, even more straight forward than if it was in the same country as myself. I had Dr keivsas this year and I can’t fault him, he ensured I was informed of everything pre and post op, and physically came to see me post op to check in. Once I had left the clinic I had follow up emails and check ins from the clinic to ensure I was okay and to ensure and reassure I could be in contact with any issues. The logistics team whilst in Lithuania were also spot on, literally taking me to and from every appointment and contacting me in good times via WhatsApp about when I would be picked up. Waiting around time was minimal in the clinic, all paperwork explained. The nurses were fantastic, clear and actually caring, ensuring I was fed/watered/cared for and also ensuring post op I was out of bed to promote blood flow and independence. I was in minimal pain in the clinic, and any complaints of pain were dealt with immediately. I almost wish I had more skin to take off to come back.


Monika, Switzerland

What an amazing experience. I had rhinoplasty done. Everything from start to finish was great! From consultation to recovery, I felt like I was looked after every second. My surgeon Dr. Gytis Baranauskas did an amazing job with my nose!!! I had no pain and was recovering great. My confidence and breathing have been so good since. All of the staff were very professional. The clinic is amazing, clean, modern and my stay for one night was very comfortable plus the there is a lot of healthy and tasty food. I would definitely recommend the clinic. It was a life changing experience and I would do it all over again. Best decision I ever made for myself. Plus Kaunas is a beautiful place. 


Zoe, Ireland

Best Clinic For Plastic Surgery

Every aspect of my interaction with NordClinic was amazing. From speaking to Jolanta my coordinator, the collection at the airport, the receptionists and the apartment owner everything ran so smooth and professional.

We rented an apartment within the building and it was great. There was help yourself snack bar where you could purchase drinks if needed. The nurses came everyday to check in on you and if you had any questions were always willing to help.

I have never had such high standard health care in my life. I couldn’t fault one thing in the clinic even when I was in pain there was a plan in place. Dr Pakulis was the most professional, experienced and trustworthy doctor I have come across. My nurses in the unit were so kind and had so much knowledge. I felt really safe knowing that I was in good hands! Definitely will be back for future surgeries.


Laura, Ireland

Dr Goda has changed my life

Dr Goda has changed my life. I couldn’t recommend this clinic enough, most of all their friendly and efficient communication from all the staff. Going abroad for surgery can be very daunting but the whole process was made so easy by Nords and I didn’t need to worry about anything as it was all taken care of. From my amazing rep Jolanta to the ladies on the reception desk at the clinic to my fantastic surgeon Dr Goda and my lovely anaesthetist and all the nurses I was so well taken care of from start to finish. If you’re going abroad for surgery, Nords is the place to go.


Claudia, UK

What an incredible place

What an incredible place and team. I made an enquiry and a lovely staff member Jolanta dealt with this query and then provided all the information from booking right until I returned to the uk. She went above and beyond and provided me with a lot of support, knowledge and detailed information throughout the process.
The second I landed In Kaunas until the second I arrived back home I received nothing but exceptional care.
The staff here are incredible and I can never thank them enough for making my journey and experience!
My surgeon was dr Samulenas and what a talented man he is.
Every single member of staff that I saw treated me with the utmost respect and they really did go above and beyond in every aspect.
I had a tummy tuck with liposuction and it has only been a week and I am healing so well. The scar is very thin and very neat (another reason why I chose my surgeon who I feel has exceptional attention to detail!)
So for the 100000th time, thank you all from the bottom of my heart


Simona, Ireland

Amazing clinic, 2nd time visit and planning a 3rd!

Currently recovering from a 360° FDL tummy tuck and arm lift that I underwent 2 weeks ago. My surgeon was Dr. Andrius Pajeda and I have to say he was top class! The clinic as a whole is fantastic, clean, professional, knowledgable, modern and every other positive adjective I can think of! While I still can’t see the full effects of the surgery yet, the healing has been so clean and as far as I can tell has turned out beautifully. Dr. Pajeda will answer any question you have honestly, give genuine recommendations and wants to do as best for you as possible. The staff are so helpful and kind and really take care of you when you’re at your most vulnerable. This is my second time attending the Nord clinics and I am already making plans for a 3rd visit. 100\10 recommended.



Highly recommend

I had an extended tummy tuck, breast reduction and lipo to the back and flanks with Dr Ghassan Said. I’m just about 4 weeks post op now and everything is healing great. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone. Everything is so well planned and taken care of, all you need to do is arrive and they take care of the rest. The Nords apartment I stayed in was perfect. The door was a bit too heavy once I’d had surgery, so that could be addressed, but that’s my only grumble really. All staff are great and I felt so safe and well looked after. I would 100% return to this clinic, it’s amazing! My rep was so helpful and always answered my many questions in a very timely manner. Dr Ghassan answers my post op questions within a couple of hours which is really helpful. There is a shopping centre a 20 minute walk away that has a supermarket, shops and restaurants in, where you can get anything you need. There is also a Lidl supermarket a 10 minute walk in the other direction.


Michael, Ireland

I’m a 41 year old male who persevered with gynocomastia for most of my adult life. It negatively effected me every single day so I am not exaggerating when I say that Nordesthetics have changed my life, entirely for the better. From my initial enquiry right through to my after-surgery care the staff were exceptional, especially Jolanta who was my main point of contact. She was professional, helpful, very communicative and most importantly of all she was kind. She regularly updated me and kept me informed re. what to expect and how the procedure would go. I’m also extremely grateful to Dr Goda who performed the surgery. Her manner and expertise were exceptional. I honestly cannot thank everyone at the clinic enough for what they’ve done for me. As for the procedure itself, it was pretty much painless and even though it’s only been a couple weeks the results are great and getting better, I feel like a new man. My only regret is not having the surgery done earlier in life. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Nordesthetics to anyone with a similar condition to me.


Toto, Norway

Two weeks after the operation and I’m very happy with the result. I want to direct a big THANK YOU to all of you for your professionality. Ever since the day I decided to click “send” on my request to their clinic. Everything started when I typed “thigh plasty” into Safari, and came up as one of many alternatives. The description of the clinic was enticing, with experienced, professional surgeons. Before- and after-pictures from cosmetic surgeries were a deciding factor for me. When I also received information from you in Norwegian, I was left with no doubts: this was safe. The operation and the stay at the clinic before and after the procedure was a safe experience, with the surgeon, anesthesiologist and additional personnel giving me their full attention and the best care.
I want to give this clinic my best recommendations.
The city of Kaunas was a great city which we enjoyed a lot, the food was exceptional and the people were great.
Thank you very much


Monicha, Norway

I’m super happy with how I was received and the operation went fantastically.  
I am super happy with how I was informed about the operation throughout. Definitely was a bit skeptical about what it would be like to travel to a foreign country Lithuania for an operation and what it was like in the Nordesthetics Clinic. It was completely fantastic, I was picked up at the airport and taken back by two beautiful humans. The entire time I was notified if there were any changes. At the clinic I was received with open arms by those working in the reception and my operation doctor Dr. Ghassade W. Said got good information. They took blood samples and weighed and measured me. Then I was taken to my room by a nice lady. I lived on the third floor in a beautiful room in Nord’s clinic for one week, everything worked great. I got to use the bed well and it was important to take it easy, a lot of movies. The operation went really well, I felt very well taken care of. I was followed up with good information about how to look after the incisions, etc. I was also contacted by email after a while when I had returned home again, this was now six weeks ago and I can see that the result looks really good. I got a breast lift and moved the nipples, after having breast-fed four children the breasts were headed into my pants now they are small but they don’t hang anymore so now I just continue taking it easy. That’s important for good healing for a good result. I can really recommend the Nordesthetics Clinic. It is important to leave after a few days early if you want to see Lithuania because after the operation you should take it easy, it’s an investment in yourself and important for good healing of the body, it needs calm and rest. 


Annelie, Sweden

Everything from start to finish has gone so…
Everything from start to finish went so smoothly. Was picked up and dropped off at the airport. Driven to and from covid testing. Their apartment was clean, nice and had everything I needed. The bed was very comfortable and the apartment was tastefully decorated.
The clinic is really clinically clean. No hospital I’ve been to has been so clean. It doesn’t smell like a hospital, it smells nice. EVERYONE has been incredibly nice, helpful and very talented and competent. The operation went like a dance and they did not skimp on pain relief afterwards. The food is absolutely wonderful, everything I got tasted super good, the only negative was that I couldn’t eat it.
I am now 2 weeks post surgery and some of my scars are already invisible. Couldn’t be more pleased than I am.
Should I have surgery again, I will choose Nords.


Anna, Sweden

The world’s best clinic!
I am very glad that I found this clinic by chance through Google. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering plastic surgery – I already have.
The most amazing service I have ever received. From airport pickup to consultation with the surgeon. They text you when they pick you up and hand you over to the reception where there are many beautiful people who will take good care of you. You can just relax and trust that everyone is there for you to make you feel good. Absolutely everyone has been helpful and lovely the drivers, the reception, nurses, the masseurs, the anesthesiologist and my surgeon Dr.Andreus Pajeda Thank you so much- Very good result of my nose surgery!
The clinic is new modern and exceptionally clean with stylish and practical furnished rooms.
I want to say a big thank you to the entire Nordesthestics team and a special thank you to my contact/consultant Rasa Jankauskaite, you were and are very helpful and are a valuable link between me and the Nord Clinic.