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Imogen, UK
Imogen, UK
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Felt at ease from the moment I landed in Kaunas all staff was polite and friendly and made me feel at ease, my room was clean and my meal that the hospital prepared was something Gordon Ramsey would be proud of any future surgery I would definitely revisit half the price than the uk with Aclass service
Xanthe, UK
Xanthe, UK
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I couldn't have chosen a better clinic. The fact it was 65% cheaper than the prices I'd been quoted the in UK and the extra help they provide is just incredible. My surgery went perfectly and they removed 10lbs of skin from my stomach and waist. I had everything I needed in my hospital room and the nurses are so attentive, kind and available 24 hours a day.
Amalie, Norway
Amalie, Norway
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Before and after surgery I felt like I was very well taken care of! The nurses were very compassionate, and made sure I had what I needed - and that it went well! I don't think I've experienced that it's so good in Norwegian hospitals even..I will definitely recommend the clinic further, if anyone is considering it, but is insecure.
Vee, UK
Vee, UK
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These people went above and beyond, soooo much more polite than UK surgeons, these people actually care about how you are, check up on you and answer all the questions you have. After check up a week later, my surgeon carried my luggage to my taxi. Fussy in ways you'll never know and if ever the need for surgery again, I'll go there. Anyone I know, I'll recommend over any others I've heard of.
Michael, Denmark
Michael, Denmark
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5 ***** Stars from here. Very Professional and extremely nice people! Very caring and nice. You definitely feel welcome. They really can do magic and the results are fantastic! Will recommend them anytime 🙂
Gisela, Sweden
Gisela, Sweden
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I had Dr Tautvydas who did a mommy makeover on me two weeks ago. I can't describe in words how happy I am now! I felt so calm and safe when I met him and he radiated safety and warmth!Then looking at the clinic was just as good. the nurses were absolutely wonderful and kind and made me feel safe. My results so far are fantastic and the scars are healing nicely. I can really say with all my heart that I can recomend this clinic but also Dr. Tautvydas!
Elisabeta, Sweden
Elisabeta, Sweden
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IF you are looking for perfection, this clinic is the answer for you. The staff's professionalism and attention to detail to create a calm environment for its patients is exceptional. Doctor Gediminas is,amazing, answer any questions with professionalism. During my stay at the clinic, I felt very well cared for by nurses.
Clare, UK
Clare, UK
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No words can ever explain how incredibly lucky I feel that I found this clinic. From start to finish their customer service has been exceptional, the clinic modern and spotlessly clean, the surgeon approachable and knowledgeable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering plastic surgery and there is every chance that I will revisit in the future should I need to.
Kimmie, UK
Kimmie, UK
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I am giving nordestetics clinic a 10/10 l and I am recommending them to all my friends and family members that are thinking of having plastic surgery. The whole team is amazing and I thank you all for a 5* experience!
Kristina, Norway
Kristina, Norway
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Surgery went good and I was so happy with my stay at the clinic with extremely helpful and friendly nurses caring for me 24/7. The clinic was so fresh and I was served delicious meals. Another bonus was their transportation team who picked me up/dropped me off at the airport, back and forth from the hotel to the clinic etc. It was great not having to worry about any logistics, since it was all taken care of.
Tanya, UK

I reached a point in life no matter how hard I tried doing work out I could not shift the fat. I started my journey into looking for clinic in UK and abroad… It took me 6 months to find one I was happy with.

I contacted your clinic got a response back straight away what was good was English speaking staff. Advice I received I was happy with I checked the surgeons out was happy with all the checks. This was my biggest decision I had to make after you hear stories of surgery going wrong abroad. I put my faith into your clinic booked my procedure.

Throughout my care I was greeted made feel at ease I could not wished for a better clinic service and level of care I received was outstanding.

I had liposuction on my body even with the swellings I can see the results I was speechless with happy emotions. I thank the whole team that has made my dream come true I would recommend this clinic to everyone.

I’m wishing you all the best if I have any more procedures I want to have I will be back. If anyone is looking to have surgery abroad please look no more this is the best.


I have had surgery abroad before so I wasn’t worried about that but seeing the clinic in Lithuania, I decided this was better and after the first email to Audrone, my emails were always answered promptly and with all the information I need. After booking my surgery I was always kept up to date and an email was sent to remind me about not eating the night before etc. When I arrived at the airport, Victoria was there to greet me and take me to my apartment (I booked this separately and wanted to have cooking facilities on hand for after the op).

I met with the surgeon at the clinic that afternoon and he was really lovely after the surgery he was present at all times when the dressings were changed and I felt well looked after. The rooms are first class and I liked the extra touched such as toiletries and slippers. When I got back to my apartment the clinic kept in touch by text to check I was ok.

I am only 2 weeks post op but I am pleased with my results so far and I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to my friends and family.

Andreia, Spain

Before traveling to Lithuania, I received all information about the surgery from Agnes in a very friendly and detailed way.

When arrived, I was surprised by the beauty of the city, that was very clean, and very friendly people …
I was impressed with the staff of the clinic which was outstanding and they did everything to make me feel as more comfortable as possible. The medical team was very professional and sincere… I loved it.

Three weeks after the surgery, I’m starting to see the results and to my amazement they are exceeding my expectations so far.

The impeccable clinic, a qualified medical team, the excellent transportation…
I recommend it 100%, I can only thank them and wish to keep it great as it is. Thank you so much everyone.


Firstly, I would say that I was very happy with all of the communication and arrangements which were made by yourselves in order to make my trip enjoyable.

Secondly, I would like to comment on the cleanliness and professionalism of your staff, which I was very much impressed with and all of the aftercare which was provided.

Lastly, as I am acutely aware that price is a big determining factor for many persons this certainly should not be seen as the “cheap” option. The quality of your surgeons and your experience speak for themselves I would not hesitate recommending you in the future as the confidence I have gained as a result is fantastic.


I can only say good things about Nordesthetics and the clinic, and here’s a shortened version of the long list I have in my head:
I never would have guessed how easy and painless it would be to do rhinoplasty in Lithuania! I thought I would have to fly in already for the consultation, but instead it was much easier, faster and cheaper to just send the pictures and correspond via email, until the surgery was booked. Audrone responded to all of my questions super fast and provided me with a lot of relevant information concerning my surgery before arriving to Lithuania. I really valued our straightforward and smooth communication.

Upon my arrival, everything continued to run as effectively as before, with no hassle whatsoever. Victoria, who was my personal assistant and driver throughout my journey in Lithuania, picked me up from the airport and it was as if a friend was picking me up. We got along perfectly and I immediately had the feeling I could count on her. I know I wasn’t the only patient she was “in charge of”, but it felt like I was, because everything went smoothly, according to plan and she responded to my text messages very fast. I didn’t have to worry about anything, because I knew I was taken care of. During weekends it was nice to receive a text message letting me know that someone was “on call” if I had any questions or concerns and reminding me about my upcoming appointments. Victoria spoke honestly about the clinic and the surgeons and assured me that I was in good hands. She didn’t try to sugarcoat anything, but was just frank with me, which I appreciated a lot. She was pleasant to be around and her excellent English skills made it easy to communicate with her. Since I was travelling alone, I think it was important to have someone I could trust and feel comfortable contacting if something came up. I didn’t feel lonely or nervous about the operation or the time post-op, and big thanks for this goes to Victoria.

When I arrived to the clinic, we did some blood tests and I met my superb surgeon. He knew right away what kind of nose would fit me! I’m not a nose expert myself, so it was great to have him explain what was possible and what would look the most natural. I really liked the seriousness he treated my case with: “this is what we’ll do and this is what the result will probably look like”. He didn’t make any empty promises and he spoke honestly about the risks that accompanied the surgery (there weren’t many, but it’s good to be aware of them). Still, I wasn’t worried for a second. His friendly character and professionalism made me feel all the more comfortable having him operate on me.

Jonas, my good-natured anaesthesiologist, did a thorough check-up and we had a long and informative talk about what was going to happen during the operation. He made it easy for me to trust him and I knew I could fall asleep without a worry on my mind, knowing that he would be there during the entire operation.

After the operation, the nurses and masseuses took good care of me. I knew help was close-by if I ever needed anything and the gentle massages helped me relax and probably also reduced the swelling on my face. Before leaving the clinic to recover at my Airbnb apartment, I had another check-up and was given a bag of things to take care of my nose with.

Time flew by and before I knew it, 12 days later I was back at the clinic to remove the splint. I was overjoyed when I first saw myself in the mirror! Needless to say, the surgeons/clinic did flawless work! The result is quite different from what I had before – thank goodness! I still need to get used to it, but I can already tell that I will be really happy with the end result.

In conclusion, I’m very glad I chose Nordesthetics for my surgery! Great facilities, professional and effective staff all the way, with good language skills and excellent patient attentiveness.


I am so glad I chose this clinic. I felt so safe and had help throughout my stay. The staff is so nice. They took such good care of me. I must admit, as all of you who read this, that I was little skeptical at first. It’s really scary to go to a foreign country and have surgery. But I really think it was worth it. The surgeons are very professional, they will not leave you disappointed, trust me! 🙂

I am so pleased with everything! Thanks to the entire staff for taking such good care of me! And thanks to the surgeon for a very good job. Cried tears of joy when I saw how nice my breasts became after surgery :-).

I did both breast lift and breast augmentation. Felt fine the next day, so the operation was very painless.
Once again, thank you all! I am extremely happy!


I was at first hesitant at going to clinic abroad, but the staff at the Nordesthetics clinic in Kaunas put me at ease right away.  Their courteous and helpful service was phenomenal, and the facilities world class.  Accommodations for the night after my abdominal liposuction were amply comfortable, and the follow up care and accessibility of representatives was on point.  I couldn’t ask for better results from my procedure, and the value for the cost is incomparable. I highly recommend them to anyone considering cosmetic surgery.


Over the past few weeks I had decided that after a long time of being conscious of how my ears stick out, that I wanted to get my ears pinned back and undergo otoplasty surgery. However I looked at the price of how much it was to get it done here in the UK and it was over £3000. So I had a look round online to see if there were options abroad to get it done cheaper, but most importantly at the same level of quality.

After contacting the Nordesthetics clinic, the representative who replied to my emails (Audrone) was excellent, fully explaining the procedure and organised my transport to and from the airport, clinic and hotel. Even if i emailed her a question in the middle of the night there would be a reply in my inbox first thing in the morning.

I have to say I was very nervous about going to get it done in a different country, and somewhere that I really didn’t know too much about and felt like it was a bit of a risk to be honest. However as soon as I got to the clinic I was completely reassured as the clinic looked brand new and very clean – I could just tell that this place was very professional and that I would be looked after.

I was pleasantly welcomed by the reception staff and undertook a blood test when I arrived. Later on in the afternoon I had an appointment with my surgeon, Dr who was extremely friendly, spoke good english and perhaps seeing how nervous I was, was able to make me relax very quickly about the operation. We spoke about what I wanted to have done – wanting my ears to have a natural look (not too stuck to my head), and he showed me examples of his previous work, which was exactly what I was looking for. You could just tell this guy knew exactly what he was doing and this reassured me greatly.

The operation itself went very smoothly indeed – so much so that the time seemed to fly by. The only small bit of pain that I felt was at the very beginning with the injecting of the local anaesthetic but apart from that, I was very comfortable throughout the whole operation. At the end they showed me the result. At this point Ill be honest and say I wasn’t sure they were quite right (my first instinct was that they were a bit too tight to my head), however speaking now (2 weeks later) they are pretty much perfect and exactly what I was looking for (just a tiny bit of swelling which is invisible to most people and will clear soon).

Apart from the bandages being a bit itchy, the next few days were fine. I only felt a little bit of pain for the next few days after the operation, but it is definitely nothing to worry about, it honestly wasn’t too bad at all, and gets better day by day too.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone involved, you all helped to make it a stress free trip to Lithuania. I enjoyed my week, and Kaunas is a lovely little place to look round too. Special thanks to the transport drivers who were amazingly friendly and were very efficient in driving me where I needed to be.


Surgery can be quite stressful yet due to second to none service those nerves are quickly vanquished.

Excellent staff and a wonderful doctor I can only recommend Nordesthics.


Thanks for your email . I am well and currently well along the road of my recovery. My stitches were removed last week and as many of previous patients report the nurse removing them commented on what a neat job Dr had done. I also remarked that Dr had said I would be fairly swollen for 2 weeks and less swollen for up to 6 weeks she said I looked fantastic even if that was me swollen!!

I am so glad I came to Lithuania for my surgery as the care and professionalism was second to none. I was initially wary of going abroad for my surgery and had a consultation in London which was out with my price range. I checked out the clinic and the doctors online and their testimonials are on a par with doctors here in UK. although the cost was probably 2-3 times less in Lithuania the quality of the care and service was 150% or more.

Audrone was very helpful and informative making sure I was well advised in all aspects of the procedure as well as the travelling and accommodation.

I was met at the airport and all travel between hotel,clinic and the airport was organised. I had a lovely lady named Renata who made sure I had everything I needed and all information I required and requested. The city of Kaunas is steeped in history and there is lots to see and menus to try.

All staff at the clinic were very professional and spoke English very well I would not hesitate to come back if I needed any other procedures or to recommend the clinic to my friends and to visit your beautiful country again. Thanks especially to Dr and his clinical team, Audrone and Renata.

Ms Hayre,

Since I was 18 I was researching Breast Augmentation. By 22 I had made up my mind that I definitely wanted to change my size – I was 34A. I am 5’10” tall and 75kg in weight so having such a small breast size really got me down. I hated taking my clothes off in front of my partner. After having my twin boys in 2010 my breast size did not change at all. I was disappointed I remained a small 34A.

The cost of surgery in the UK was troubling me – I visited a Harley Street Clinic last year for a consultation and was quoted £4700. There was no way I could afford the operation. The consultation was brief; it was not explained to me what type of implant would be used or any other important details. I therefore did not take it any further- I carried on researching.

Around February 2014 I came across I looked at reviews from previous patients and the total cost for BA and was really impressed. I then got in contact via email with Ms Seskaite and booked a consultation.

The consultation took place in March 2014. It was with my surgeon. He explained the procedure in full. He explained what type of implant he would use and the right size for my height structure and weight. I wanted a natural look and not look too top heavy. The size he chose for me was perfect. I was really impressed by his gentle manner and his patience with all the questions I had for him regarding my surgery.

The next day I got in touch with Ms Seskaite and placed a deposit down for surgery. I booked my surgery to take place end of Aug 2014.

I was a little nervous as I didn’t think everyone would speak English – but I was totally wrong.

On the day of surgery I was given the final check by Dr who also showed me the 3D imaging of what the final result will look like. I was happy to continue with the size he chose. At the hospital I was given my own room with WC built in the room. I had my own tv and call button for the nurse who would be there to assist me 24 hrs after surgery.

I was then taken into surgery. As soon as I came round the nurse assisted me to sit up and take my pain killers and offered me soup bread and a drink. I was so happy that it all went well and my nurse was so friendly and helpful. I spent the next 24 hours in my hospital room. Everything was going better than I could imagine. I was given dinner and breakfast without having to wait or call for assistance. Like clockwork. It all went so smoothly.

It has been 3 weeks since I have been back to London. My local Nurse removed the stitches on day 10 after surgery. I explained to her where I had the procedure done. She was very impressed she said even though it has been 10 days my breasts look very natural and the stitches are very neat and was really impressed with how neat the incisions were. She said I was very lucky to have such a great result as she has seen really bad surgery from patients that have been to Belgium. She also noted down the details for Nordesthetics and said she would be in touch to enquire about dental work.

I have recommended Nordesthetics to all of my friends and family who want cosmetic procedures. They are all so impressed with how well my BA went and the high level of care I was provided.

I am healing well. And I need to wait for another 5 weeks before I can go bra shopping when the support bra comes off. I am so happy with the size and how they look.

Thank you to all the staff at Nordesthetics. A special thanks to Ms Seskaite for answering all of my questions straight away and always keeping me well informed. And an extra special thank you to doctor for giving me back my confidence.

In the near future I am considering fat transfer and I know for certain will be booking with Nordesthetics.

Denise & Edna, UK

I had my 2 kids when I was young and have had stretch marks and extra tummy skin since. I never got to wear a bikini and haven’t enjoyed shopping for clothes throughout the years as I always looked like I was in early stage pregnancy. My confidence was badly hit throughout my 20’s and never really liked my body. I decided at 34 to finally do something for myself, a tummy tuck was the solution.

After choosing to go for surgery I researched Ireland and UK clinics online but the cost was much too expensive so I had a look at other countries. I found Nordesthetics reviews on some forums and they were very positive. I checked their website and Facebook and other online forums and found NO negative comments which is rare. I was very reassured from the moment I contacted them. Audrone was an excellent representative and gave me all the info and help I needed. The quote she gave for the tummy tuck and fillers was exactly what I paid. There were no hidden cost or added charges. My mum and I arranged to go for a week. They arranged our transport from airport and hotel to the clinic. The drivers were fantastic especially Victoria and Karolis. The ladies and nurses in the clinics were beautiful and so supportive and helpful! I was so well looked after that I never felt worried or anxious.

Dr my surgeon, was awesome! He was professional, friendly and so confident that again I couldn’t find any reason to feel any fear. His work is his passion and you know you’re literally in excellent hands! The surgery itself was pain and worry free. Afterward I was in a bit of pain but it was seriously worth it. The liposuction was the painful part. My wounds were clean and well drained. The food in the clinic was fantastic and the nurses kept me medicated and looked after.

We both had a little treatment of fillers for forehead and eyes. I had never had this before so it was a strange feeling to have needles in my face. It was performed by dermatologist Natalia and she knows what she is doing too! It worked really well and I will likely go back yearly to keep this topped up as it’s still cheaper than getting it here. Plus the shopping in Kaunas is fabulous!

Everyone communicated in English really well with us and I honestly can’t find anything to complain about from we stepped off the plane til we got back on it!

Our accommodation at Hotel Kaunas was first class and very affordable and the food was great too.

I seriously had a wonderful experience, the medical treatment in Lithuania is excellent, much higher standard than I’ve ever experienced in Ireland. Nordesthetics sorted everything out and for such good prices that I am recommending everyone I know to go for any surgery, dental or facial treatments. I’m looking forward to returning in the future too. Thank you so much EVERYONE! This truly has changed my life!

Patient, UK

Beautiful people & service. Very clean & heavenly great surgeon. Fantastic service start to finish. Would highly recommend.

Begoña, Spain

It‘s been only two weeks since I returned from Kaunas where my abdominoplasty was performed successfully.

I have been considering surgery for a while but without deciding to have it done for its unreasonable price…until I found information about Nordesthetics in the Internet. As soon as I contacted them they cleared all my doubts.

My friends and family were telling me that I „was crazy“, that „health doesn’t have a price“ etc, etc, everybody was discouraging me, nobody supported me to go to the clinic that I have chosen… but the truth is that now I could afford my dream what I couldn’t do earlier.

I traveled alone and didn’t have any problem. I was taken care of every single moment professionally. The results are excellent, even the doctor and the physiotherapist that saw me here and are used to see results of other abdominoplasties were talking just about the excellence of the work done.

I didn’t have any pain during the post-operative period (even though my friend who had the same surgery performed informed me that the first 10 days she suffered from „intense pain“).

I could say that the recuperation has been good and quick and the results are beyond my expectations. I am honestly content and very thankful to all the staff that assisted me during my stay.
Moreover, it is possible that I will return…

Marta, Chile

Thank you! Thank you for the excellent care. Today I leave the clinic after my surgery. I am very grateful to the physicians for their admirable dedication and staff in general.

Thank you again


Dr. truly deserves lots of praise and respect! When I went to the doctor here to take the stitches, I received lots of praise for what the surgeon did to my tummy. There were several nurses who came to look at the scar, and I’ve been told that this surgeon is really good at doing what he is doing! The clinic and all the organisation deserves only praise. Say hello to everybody.


I can safely recommend Nordbariatric. I took GBP there on the 27th of May this year and I am very satisfied. Everything started with good and informative mails written in Norwegian. Was picked up and driven to the airport and was picked up every single time I had an appointment in the clinic, very pleasant people who provides all needed information. I am particularly pleased with the surgeon who spoke Swedish. Excellent assistance and I felt confident throughout. I recommend it to others as it is a cheap and safe choice.

Kisser, Denmark

I can only recommend and praise the clinic. In particular, I recommend Professor and the Danish contact Ana. Extremely professional, great performance, as well as friendly and welcoming. I have had a face, neck and brow lift. Now when I look in the mirror, I see a much younger woman than before the surgery. I am so happy that I will soon start planning my second surgery.


I have to thank you and your staff for all the help. It has been invaluable and I will recommend you to everyone. I’m very happy about my surgery. The result is better than I expected. I cried when the surgeon removed the bandage for the first time. Nowhere on the internet I have seen images corresponding to the result of my surgery. The difference is huge, a brand new body. I didn’t think it was possible to remove so much. Now it will be very fun to buy a bikini for the summer, instead of sitting on the beach in a T-shirt.


I had my surgery at the clinic on December 14th and I can say that it was a very positive experience. Everyone was very nice and caring from the point I landed in the airport. My doctor was very sweet and friendly, but also very professional. He gave me good guidelines and the work he had done with me was extremely beautiful and well-done. It was that good that my doctor here in Denmark was absolutely impressed with it and called it a piece of art. It was also very reassuring to have contact with Ana, who really put an effort into answering my questions quickly.

Everyone at the clinic was very nice and the service was top quality. It was pretty and clean everywhere. I can warmly recommend the clinic to everyone and I am planning my next surgery this autumn.

Sera, Finland

The clinic is modern and very clean. The staff was very friendly and the stereotype I had of Lithuania has changed. I was hoping that I could criticize the clinic, surgeon, etc., so that you do not think it in an advertisement, however, I cannot 🙂

L., Sweden

I had arm lift and liposuction at 8 of April. I would like to say that i was very happy with all of the communication and arrangements with Agniete which made me feel secure. Thank you Agniete for the quick response to my emails and questions.

I want to say a thanks to Viktoria for her patience and help.

Thanks to Dr. he explained the procedure step by step and answered to my questions. He is very professional and talented. My scars are fine now and and i am getting better for each day.

Thanks to my anesthesiologist (i forgot his name) who answered to all my questions and make me feel confident.

Thanks to all the professional and sweet nurses who took care of me.

I am greatful to the whole team of Nordesthetics Clinic. Everyone at the clinic was very nice and the service was top quality. It was pretty and clean everywhere. I can warmly recommend the clinic to everyone. My best regards.


It was the best decision I could have taken to go to Nordesthetics for my abdominoplasty. Dr. was very professional, pleasant and perfectionist, he explained all the steps and made me feel secure in my decision. The staff is super nice and everything is modern and clean.

I can already see results after 2 weeks and the staff at my medical center thought it was very well done. I can heartily recommend the clinic to anyone who is considering any “correction”

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Annica, Sweden

For many years I have been very unhappy with my stomach which became very flabby and ugly during my two pregnancies. I decided to undergo a full tummy tuck surgery including sides and love handles liposuction.

I started to look around at different plastic surgeons in Sweden and felt that the price was much higher than my wallet would allow. I then sought to clinics abroad and found Nordeshetics in Lithuania. The price was good and the first contact with the clinic was very positive as the customer service employee spoke perfect Swedish and was very nice and accommodating. I had fears about anaesthesia and talked to her about my concerns. My questions were met very positively and with great understanding and respect for my feelings.

I made an appointment and went over to Lithuania, pick-up at the airport and transportation to the hotel was already arranged and the day after I went to the clinic in Kaunas.

At the clinic I met doctor who was very nice. We went through my vision of the result. Doctor was very honest and explained in great detail how the surgery will go.

On the day of the surgery, I met with the anaesthesiologist, who was also very nice. He had been informed of my concerns about the anesthesia and was very educational and helpful.

The surgery went well and aftercare was good. I was well taken care of. The nurses were really nice, they constantly made sure I had what I needed.

Now I’m back in Sweden and look back to my stay at Nordesthetics clinic with gratefulness. The results are beginning to show and I am very happy with it, I have already received compliments for the excellent results.

I recommend Nordesthetics to everyone. Feel free to contact me with questions about my experience.

Jessica, Sweden

Now the swelling begins to recede after my abdominoplasty and I begin to see the difference. I am pleased to say that there is a big difference. It’s amazing what talented surgeons you have! I have repeatedly heard from my clinic in Sweden that it looks very well, the scars are fine and the surgeon that performed my surgery is very talented.

The surgeon was with me during the re-wrappings and check-ups! I felt safe.

Monika, Sweden

What a beautiful country you have. And what nice people – both inside and out.

I feel very good and happy with the results. Removed the stitches at the beginning of the week, and the nurse said that everything looked fine and well healed.

Romi, Sweden

I recently had a breast reduction with you. I just removed the stitches and everything heals very nicely. I just wanted to write to you so that the surgeon knows that I’m really happy. I feel really good and am very happy, I’ve got a lot of compliments from my friends, family and the medical center here in Sweden. Everyone thinks the scars look very good. I did not thank the surgeon properly, although he took very good care of me. I was very happy with your good service and all the help I received during my stay in Lithuania.

Anne, Sweden

Want to thank you for all your help during my stay, I am very grateful for the nice and friendly help I received. Everyone has been wonderful and helpful to me, I am so happy and grateful that I am sending a large bouquet of roses to all involved!

A little extra thanks to the nurse who took care of me.

Janette, Sweden

I just want to thank you for everything. You have all been so wonderful. You got me feeling really welcome and very safe. I will strongly recommend you to everyone I know.

Maude, Sweden

I have to say once again that it was an incredibly friendly staff.. And Karina, who was driving me around, was an incredibly kind girl.. We laughed a lot when she drove me to the airport from Kaunas .. Paula picked me up.. Unfortunately I have forgotten the names of the nurses who took care of me the day I was at the clinic..

So I am more than happy to tell you how nice the anesthetist was, how excellent he explained the course of anaesthesia before I was put to sleep.. The nurse who took the blood sample, the surgeon who explained in detail what he will do.. I have never received such good care in the past ..
Hugs to you all

Helena, Sweden

I just want to thank everyone at the clinic, drivers, nurses, doctors and Agniete in customer service for the best care you can ask for!

I have never ever felt so cared for. And a special thanks for the wonderful doctor who performed my breast lift.

Thanks to the nurses who took care of me after the surgery! Thanks for everything!

I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to have an operation, I was a skeptic and looked up everything about the clinic and the doctors before I made the decision to go there and going there was the best decision I have made and could not be happier!

Thank you very much for everything and thanks for the good food in the hospital!

Joacim, Norway

I had thighs and belly liposuction in Kaunas, Lithuania 6 days ago. I chose abroad mostly because of the price, but it turned out that the quality of the operation was just as good as in Norway.

After reading through several websites and receiving responses from several providers in several countries, I chose Nordesthetics in Lithuania, Kaunas. They gave me a very good impression of professionalism through its informative website. In addition, I got good and quick responses to my questions in Norwegian from my customer service representative Agne.

My stay lasted for a week. I did not pay a penny for transport, it was covered by Nordesthetics. In addition, food during your stay at the clinic and medications, plasters, etc. were included.

Before the surgery, I had consultations with both the plastic surgeon, who would perform the operation, and the anesthetist. They both appeared to be very professional and explained to me in good English what they will do and what risks it entailed. They also took the time to answer all the questions I had. The operation went well and the follow-up of doctors and nurses have subsequently been exceptional.

Now I’m home in Norway, but still have good support from my contact at Nordesthetics. Thank you for a very well executed liposuction and for good care when I was in Lithuania.

Patient, Norway

After having full abdominoplasty with liposuction and breast lift with implants, I must say I am VERY happy.

I initially chose Lithuania because it is so much more affordable than Norway. I was a bit skeptical and worried, but it turned out to be completely great.

It was a modern and very clean clinic, where everyone was incredibly sweet and patient.

Even after I got home, they kept in touch and I could ask any questions I had after the surgery.

I highly recommend this clinic!!

Marianne, Norway

Highly recommended – the surgeon was top notch, the anesthesiologist was super, the results of abdominoplasty that I could only dream of, premises gorgeous, top standard of service and care. What absolutely must be mentioned is the staff and professional service that I received from service personnel who met me, waited for me, drove me around and gave me comfort when needed. And that is probably what will be essential for me when I am considering the next stay!

Anne, Norway

Now it is two weeks since my surgery so today I had the stitches removed. A new and better person.. The nurse who took the stitches out said that this was the finest work she had ever seen. And she was very surprised that I was in such good shape and have not been hurting. I’m just overjoyed. I’ll take pictures this weekend to send to you so that the surgeon could see it.

Tomorrow I am 40 years old and today I sit here drinking champange and celebrating my new stomach. Please give best wishes to the surgeon and he MUST get a big kiss on the cheek for what he has done, it is just FANTASTIC.


I had my Tummy Tuck and chin liposuction on 7th October. This was not my first experience with cosmetic surgery. I had a breast reduction and liposuction of tummy 10 years ago in Ireland. Although I healed nicely I cannot but, compare the experience to the one I have just had at the Nordesthetics Cinic. The care I received in Kaunas was far superior to the care in Ireland. The quickest way to explain is… In Nordesthetics I actually felt like my needs were prioritised. Even to the extent of seeing the Surgeon and adding a procedure right before the surgery. They accommodated me as opposed to the other way around. The first factor in deciding to travel for the surgery, initially was the price. The savings available in Lithuania are undeniable. However, even after daily (and I’m sure sometimes repedative!) emails and conversations I felt absolutely in safe hands. I can confidently confirm you could not get better customer care with this clinic. I cannot reccomend it highly enough. And will be referring any friends or relatives in the future for all surgery needs.  In fact, my husband and I intend to go back to have our teeth made over! They tell you that you have 24 hr assistance in the clinic, but I honestly felt like I could contact the admin team whenever I needed. The work of my Surgeon is fantastic. My results already look great and I still have a lot of healing to do.

The clinic itself is immaculate as was my private room decorated tastefully but without comprising the clinical feel. The nurses were very kind and attentive, I even had a fantastic menu to choose from. So if you are considering ANY kind of surgery /dental work I wouldn’t go anywhere else. And finally to say a big thanks to Agne , Paula and Karina who not only eased my nerves but we’re very kind in all the care they gave.


I never thought I could ever regain my confidence after having my beautiful twins. Having such a major surgery outside your comfort zone is one of the most difficult and hardest decision I’ve ever made but I must stay NORDESTHETICS made my decision the best one I’ve ever made in my life. The whole treatment straight after the airport to the hospital and my stay was awesome. I would like to say a big thank you to my surgeon and the wonderful nurses who took care of me and my representative who made my stay a wonderful one. I will forever recommend this Clinic to everyone. Best hospital I’ve been so far. Thank you.

Kirsty, UK

From about the age of 17 I’ve never had a really flat stomach, I got diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and held a lot of weight on my tummy, and after having a baby and putting on an extra 5 stone being pregnant my belly was at its worst and I knew despite losing weight I’d always be left with a big belly which had been stretched, and feared losing weight would make it look worse and more saggy.. I struggled to wear clothes to hide the belly and try to disguise it the best I could, and with a holiday coming up which I was dreading because of my belly I knew it had to be done, so I did my research and came across a few clinics and emailed them.

Cost wise these were the cheapest but that wasn’t the main issue, I had a very fast response and spoke to Agne every day (and nearly all day long) for about 2 weeks before I finally paid… She answered every question, every doubt and put my mind at ease. I knew everything I needed to know and was well prepared. I travelled to Lithuania alone and was not one bit nervous, I was actually very excited. I got to the airport and as soon as I walked towards the exit I could see a lady holding a piece of paper with my name on. They took me to the hotel which was lovely, and only cost 30 Euros a day, it was spotless and the staff very helpful. A few hours later they picked me back up and took me to the clinic for blood tests, I was surprised and glad to see how busy they were with many other people having different treatments done. All staff in the clinic spoke good English and can’t fault them one bit. Everything went so smoothly, and was explained all the way through.

I woke up and wasn’t in as much pain as expected (after having a c section I thought it was going to be as bad if not worse) as I had full tummy tuck with muscle tightening and lipo on the flanks… But I was pleasantly surprised. I could manage fine by myself getting up etc., and day by day was better again, I have healed amazingly with not one problem at all, Dr has done an amazing job and I eventually have a flat stomach! Even with a lot of swelling. I am 3 and a half weeks post op so I can’t wait to see the results in another months time. The incision is very neat in my belly button and across belly, it’s going to be barely visible.

Everyone was worried about me travelling abroad for an operation as you hear so many bad stories but they are all really pleased with my results. I don’t have one bad word to say about any of my experience and know I wouldn’t have had a better job done or any better experience staying in the UK! I would definitely recommend to anyone (in fact I have already) and wouldn’t think twice about going back if I wanted anything else done!!

Sandra, UK

I would like to say thank you to everyone who helped while I stayed in Lithuania for my surgery. I’m so pleased with the results and the surgeon was a pleasure.

Again thank you and I’m sure you shall be hearing from my friends soon as they are looking certain procedures and I shall recommend yourselves.

Jackie, UK

I wanted to write and say a huge thank you to you all. I had my surgery (arm lift and inner thigh lift) Oct 22nd and came home a few days later. Have just had my stitches out and am over the moon with the results. The nurse at my local clinic was very impressed with the results. I came alone and was very nervous but after meeting everyone I felt so at ease and truly believed I was going to be in good hands, and I wasn’t disappointed.

This is a young clinic, with young staff and surgeons, who have been trained in the very latest techniques. Superb is the word that comes to mind. The clinic is excellent along with the aftercare, and at no extra cost you are picked up and dropped off for all clinic appointments during your stay. They even pick you up from the airport and take you back for your journey home.

Within a very short space of time on my very first visit to the clinic, I saw both the surgeons that are featured in the website video walk in to work. I liked that! It showed me that they were not there just for effect on the website but were fully working surgeons at the clinic.

My surgeon was amazing and I will be thinking of him when I’m walking across the beach in January. I know this is the start of a new and much more confident journey for me. We had a long chat together pre operation about what I was wanting from the surgery and what he could offer me, and he spent a long time doing measurements, etc. He is a perfectionist. Oh and the icing on the cake is two free massages. Heaven!!!!! Thank you so much, will be back in the new year for one last treat to myself.

Anne, UK

I do hope you are well and happy.

Just thought I would let you know that my  stitches have been taken out.

My lower face lift was very successful and the results are good.  Doctor is a highly skilled surgeon.  No tell tale marks can be seen and I just look younger, without any obvious signs of surgery.  I am extremely grateful for the wonderful care I received and have recommended your clinic to a number of people.

Renee, Norway

Took a full abdominoplasty, liposuction of the hips and abs splicing of the 17.04.2012. So far, 7 days after, I am very pleased. The nurses and doctor are all very professional. First, my impressions of the clinic was how clean and tidy it was. Everything was washed several times a day, and everyone is very careful to sterilize things. The nurses talks ok English. Doctors and the anesthesia doctor speaks perfect English. Communication will not be a problem when everyone is very careful to ensure that you understand what you are going through and procedure of the whole thing.

The scar was placed far down, so it will not appear over the bikini-edge. Got a great follow-up both before and after surgery. Is very positive about how quickly you get answers. Some days my questions are answered just 10 minutes after the mail was sent. Very good with a large menu ranging from appetizers, main dishes, desserts to drink (included in price). Would recommend this to anyone considering the performance of any type of surgery. I did this alone, and was in Lithuania for 7 days. Recommend that you bring a travel companion, this may be a little lonely in the long run. Many thanks to doctor to meet my wishes, and to reassure me with humor when things were a little tough.

Lisa, UK

When someone wishes for something to be different about themselves there are those who choose to “live with it,” “work with it”, or those like myself who, “simply choose to change it”.
When I looked in the mirror there was always something that I wanted changed, it was my bust size. I had tried foam inserts, padded bra’s, even silicone inserts, but I had gotten to a point where I wanted something permanent! As anyone who is considering cosmetic surgery should, I started doing my research. When I finally decided I was well-equipped with knowledge I need to find a reputable surgeon. That is when I found doctor. Not only was my entire experience pleasant right from the second I walked through the door with the friendly greeting from the receptionist, but the consultant was just as comforting and when everything went extremely well and that is when I was certain I had chosen the right clinic. When I met my doctor, that is when I was absolutely 110% sure that my choice was the right one. Now, almost 6 weeks later, I feel great!

Diana, Norway

Dear everyone at the Clinic. Now that I am officially ‘signed off’ I just wanted to write and thank you all so much following my Liposculpture in September. Firstly I am absolutely thrilled with the results – I no longer catch myself in the mirror and sigh and I have bought my first bikini in 20years!  My stomach was so out of proportion with the rest of me that it constantly affected my self-confidence – but not any more!  The difference is fantastic.
Secondly the care you have all given me was wonderful, you were all so reassuring and friendly it took all the stress out of the procedure and that meant a lot to me.  It was clear you all really cared about making the procedure as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
Thank you all, Best Wishes.

Rita, UK

I am very happy with my operation. The doctors and the nurses have been very good and nice to me. I am so happy for my operation that I can’t describe it

Thank you all, especially the head nurse, who took such good care of me.

Naima, France

First I am so glad to be here. Everything was just perfect, maybe just the pain… Well if I have to come back for my nose! I will!
Actually, it’s more what I expect.
So thanks you so much.

Emilie, Sweden

Thank you so much for my new boobs!!! I’m so happy and you are so nice…
The service at your clinic is amazing. I’m gonna tell my friends and I’ll send them here!

Donna Marie, Denmark

Big thanks for changing my old 400cc implants with my new amazing 600cc. The best work I ever seen, so professional!

Kija, Sweden

Thank you so much for good service. I’m very happy that I did my operation here.
You are the best!filler