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We are one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the European Union with over 10 years of experience. Our team of 12 plastic surgeons performs more than 3.000 plastic operations a year. Around 90 % of our patients travel from abroad, mostly from the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.

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Even 68% of our patients travel to have combined surgeries due to our expertise in this field – it has been our specialisation for many years now. We performed such surgeries for more than 10.000 patients to this date. Combining surgeries allow our patients to save time, money and even health. We carefully select patients, evaluate each case individually, and only agree to combine surgeries within health & safety limits.

We are one of the leading plastic surgery clinics in the European Union with over 10 years of experience. Our team of 12 plastic surgeons performs more than 3.000 plastic operations a year and around 90 % of our patients travel from abroad, mostly the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany.

We are trusted by our patients and we appreciate all the reviews and feedback collected over the years. You can find lots of testimonials from our previous patients online on GoogleFacebookTrustpilot or Realself.

Already more than 30.000 of our former, current and future patients joined our online community with the aim to build a space for opinions and mutual support. Members are welcome to share experiences about their visit to the clinic and to discuss all surgery-related matters.

Our team of 12 plastic surgeons has 10-15 years of experience in the field in total performing over 3.000 different plastic surgeries per year. Moreover, our surgeons are members of various prestigious surgical societies both Lithuanian and international.

Our clinic or patients are seen on different media mentions like: BBC, Forbes, Mirror, MailOnline, The Sun and others.

Our clinic works according to the highest standards set by the European Union. This helps to guarantee the quality of medical services. We care about the safety, comfort and successful results of our patients from all over the world.

We provide customer service in 9 foreign languages including English, Swedish, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Polish. Everyone in our clinic speaks English, including nurses, assistants and the surgeon.

Every patient has a dedicated customer service representative, helping patients plan their visit, answer all associated questions, available every working day via email/phone.

We do offer an exclusive Aftercare package in the UK and Ireland for our plastic surgery patients. With our Aftercare package, you will get extra support and help while healing and recovering back in the UK or Ireland. Our partner Hollie is a professional cosmetic nurse practitioner with 17 years of post-registration experience. Now Hollie is managing the nurse network in the UK and Ireland which is ready to help you, the patients of the Nordesthetics. 

Patients have an opportunity to stay in the apartments, supervised by our clinic. Apartments are located in the centre of Kaunas and most importantly, right next to our new clinic, in the same building (1 min by foot) and are provided with additional medical care (the nurse visits a patient at least once a day after discharge from the clinic), which is not possible while staying in a hotel or other accommodation.

All inclusive price, which is twice lower than in Western European clinics. Our clinic works with medical professionals of the highest education and experience level and uses the same materials as the clinics in Western Europe. More often than not, the quality of our clinic‘s facilities exceed the ones in Western European clinics. The price difference is only due to considerably lower average salaries and taxes – which is the main reason for medical travel everywhere around the world.

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Gynecomastia surgery

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is described as a benign enlargement or swelling of the male breasts. Unlike pseudogynecomastia or lipomastia, where the enlargement of the breasts comes from fat deposits, gynecomastia is caused by the growth of glandular breast tissue. Gynecomastia is usually diagnosed during a simple physical examination, and it is important to  differentiate this condition from male breast cancer. In some cases, gynecomastia may go away on its own, while in other cases this condition requires medication or surgery.

Symptoms and causes

As mentioned above, the increase of male breasts is the main symptom of gynecomastia. This condition can be present in one or both breasts, although gynecomastia affecting both breasts is more common. The distribution of the enlarged tissues may differ slightly between the breasts. Unlike fat deposits, glandular tissue feels rubbery or firm. In addition to enlargement, the breasts may become sensitive and tender, however, pain is usually absent.

Risk factors and prevention

Adolescence, older age, some health conditions (such as liver or kidney diseases) and the use of anabolic steroids are just a few factors known to increase the risk of gynecomastia. However, there are steps one can take to reduce the risk:

Who is a proper candidate for surgical treatment?

Surgery is a suitable choice for men whose condition cannot be treated with medications or any form of alternative treatment methods. Additionally, one must be in good overall health – some types of serious illnesses or medical conditions are a contraindication for surgical treatment. Other requirements include stabilized breast development, being at a healthy weight and having realistic expectations.

Before the procedure you will have a consultation with your surgeon, during which you will be able address any questions about the procedure, its risks and outcomes.

Your surgeon will evaluate your overall health and ask you about your medical history, including any type of medication that you take or have taken in the past (including over-the-counter medications and herbal supplements).

If you smoke, you will be asked to stop smoking well before the procedure.

Moreover, certain anti-inflammatory drugs (such as aspirin) are to be avoided before the surgery, as they increase the risk of bleeding.

Combine with gynecological procedure: save time and money by having gynecological procedure at the same time as your plastic surgery. Read more

Male breast reduction techniques

Male breast reduction surgery is extremely effective in treating gynecomastia. There are a few techniques available:

This technique is beneficial in cases when gynecomastia is caused by excess of fatty tissue. A thin tube called a cannula is inserted into the breasts via small incisions. The fatty tissue is then loosened and extracted from the breast. However, there are few cases when gynecomastia can be treated with liposuction only.

This method is used in cases that require the removal of glandular tissue and excess skin. It is also possible to relocate the nipple or diminish the size of the areola to achieve a natural male contour of the breast – this is often done in cases of severe gynecomastia.

This technique allows a removal of both glandular and fatty tissues with less postoperative complications and more satisfying results.

Recovery after the surgery

Explaining aftercare and revision surgery policy

You can find more information in video format about post-op healing and revision surgery policy in the section “Explaining aftercare and revision surgery policy” here.

Can gynecomastia be combined with other surgical techniques?

It is possible to combine male breast reduction with other plastic surgery procedures. A tummy tuck is frequently chosen as an additional option in order to make the torso and waist slimmer, therefore,  achieving a more satisfying contour of the body. In some cases, male breast reduction is performed after a considerable weight loss. An arm lift and body lift can be combined with breast reduction, as it is commonly necessary to remove excess skin and fat tissue.

The recurrence of gynecomastia and how to avoid it

The results of male breast reduction surgery are meant to last a lifetime. Nonetheless, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the key ways to avoid any possible recurrences. Gynecomastia can reoccur due to substantial weight gain, the use of steroids or certain medications. Moreover, specific medical conditions can lead to the recurrence of gynecomastia. Besides focusing on maintaining healthy habits, do not forget to consult your doctor to learn precise ways to prevent gynecomastia from recurring.