Videos About Plastic Surgery in Our Clinic

Steph's transformation story

Charlene's story

Maria's and Annette's story (part 1)

Maria's and Annette's story (part 2)​

Come on the tour of our new clinic!

Dr. G. Samulenas about mommy makeover

Dr. A. Pakulis about Fleur de Lis tummy tuck

Dr. A. Pajeda talking about neck lift surgery

Dr. T. Urbonas about different types of rhinoplasty

Dr. G. Astrauskaite about process of intimate surgery

Dr. A. Pakulis about post-operative wound care

Dr. M.Kievisas about hybrid breast augmentation

Dr. S. Kaupas on FQA on BMI

Dr. G. W. Said about BBL

Dr. G. Baranauskas on Functional Nasal Surgery