Revision surgery policy


While the Clinic and its doctors make every effort to ensure your safety and to achieve best treatment results, each clinical procedure is related to risks and a specific treatment outcome is a target rather than a guarantee. Revision surgery shall be considered a normal occurrence, by which the result achieved during an earlier operation is improved. Revision surgery is a repeated surgical intervention after an initial operation. The patient shall be provided a consultation with a UAB “Artmedica” doctor before the revision surgery. If, during the consultation when the patient visits UAB “Artmedica”, contraindication(s) to the performance of the revision surgery/intervention is/are identified, the patient’s travel, accommodation or other expenses shall not be compensated.

1. REVISION SURGERY AND/OR TREATMENT FREE OF CHARGE shall be provided in the clinic to patients for early postoperative complications, including: 

The clinic shall be consulted within the first 3 months after the surgery. Free treatment is provided within 6 months after the date of approval of the revision surgery.

REMARK. The above-mentioned complications shall be confirmed by objective medical testing – results of a wound culture, results of blood tests, ultrasound test data and so on. The patient shall present medical records/copies proving such testing.


2.1 At a fixed minimal price of EUR 600 for later postoperative complications such as:

*The patient pays for new implants unless it is a replacement covered by warranty. 

2.2. At a fixed minimal price of EUR 1,000 for patients who had breast augmentation with implants and breast lift during the same surgery.

The patient has to apply to the Clinic within the first 12 months after the surgery, however, no earlier than 6 months after the surgery. Treatment at a fixed minimal price (EUR 600 or EUR 1,000) is provided within 1 year after the date of approval of the revision surgery.

3. GUARANTEES (WARRANTIES) RELATED TO IMPLANTS shall be provided to patients in accordance with the conditions specified by the manufacturer of such implants.

4. Other conditions such as asymmetry; the patient does not like the shape of a body part; insufficient liposuction; loose skin; unevenness detected by palpation/visual examination (after liposuction); fat non-survival (after fat transplantation) etc., SHALL NOT BE CONSIDERED COMPLICATIONS and a new treatment episode shall be charged the full price minus a 15 per cent discount.

The full price of treatment shall also be charged to patients who choose at the time of revision (clause 1) or at the time of treatment for a fixed minimal price (clause 2) to receive additional health care services.

5. This REVISION POLICY SHALL NOT BE APPLIED if the following reasons are identified.

Revision surgery/intervention may be necessary due to factors beyond the doctor’s control. This does not mean that the surgery was unsuccessful or that another doctor would have performed such surgery better. The reasons for insufficient results which depend on factors beyond the control of the doctor or of the medical institution may include:

PLEASE NOTE: The patient will be operated by the same surgeon who had performed the first surgery, in exceptional cases – by another surgeon of the Clinic

In each case, the Clinic reserves the right to decide on the application of the Revision Policy on an individual basis.