Postoperative wound care

Generally wound care after plastic surgery is similar to that of any other surgical incision. We will present you with some simple rules that will help to change your tapes properly and avoid infections or other kind of issues. However, you should remember to adhere to your doctor’s advice first.

Changing the tape

The first tape change must be done 7 days after the surgery:

The second tape change must be done 7 days after the first tape change (14 days after the surgery).

1. Remove the tape
2. Clean with disinfectant spray
3. Wipe the wound
4. Put on the new tape layer

Exceptions for when it is not advised to use the tape

  • If you see any wet areas on the wound during the second change of the tape (14 days after the surgery) – you should thoroughly clean that place with a disinfectant spray. After that dry the wound with a new clean cotton swab and put carefully an ordinary plaster (with a piece of cotton in the middle) on that area.
  • You have to change this kind of plaster 1-2 times within 24 hours and every time after you take a shower.
  • When you do not see any wet areas on the wound – put the new tape on it again.

Other recommendations