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Steph's story on BBC

Steph O’Shea’s story started when she shed 10 stone after years of being overweight. But that didn’t give her a body she always dreamed of due to all of the excess skin left after such a massive weight loss.

I have to fold my arms up to get into my clothes. I am embarrassed. I hate it.

Surgery in Nordesthetics clinic

Eager to enjoy all the benefits of her incredible weight loss Steph decided to have the saggy skin removed. She traveled to Lithuania to have surgery that helped her feel happier and more confident in her own body.  

I just want to have one day where I can genuinely not to put a brave face and pretend smile. But I just want to be happy.

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Dr. Goda Astrauskaite in Forbes

Dr. Goda Astrauskaite was interviewed by an authoritative magazine – Forbes. In this interview, she talks about breastfeeding after having breast implants and how the surgery may affect the life of a future mother.
If there are no complications associated with breast implants, if the implants are not too big, most women can breastfeed their babies successfully (approx eight out of ten), and the success rate is similar to the general population.
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Theresa on Göteborgs-Posten

We have welcomed guests from one of the most read Swedish newspaper Göteborgs-Posten who followed one of our Swedish patients, Theresa Petersen, and her story. She decided to have a mommy makeover operation at our clinic. Theresa is one of hundreds of Swedish women who travel to our clinic for plastic surgery every year.
If I ever look at myself in the mirror again, I must be happy with myself.
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Ann Kristin on TV2

We have had a visit from the biggest commercial televisions in Norway, TV2, which followed the story of one of our Norwegian patients, Ann Kristin. She is one of hundreds of Norwegian women who travel abroad every year to have plastic surgery performed.
This is my own decision, my choice and now I will enjoy my new life.
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Carolina Castro on Helsingin Sanomat

The most popular Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat tells a story of our patient, a mother of two boys, Carolina Castro, who decided to travel to Lithuania from Finland to have her tummy tuck surgery performed. In the article you will find an interesting look on plastic surgery through the spectrum of body positivity. Read more in the article.

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