Last-minute booking service

What is last-minute booking service?
Most of our patients know about our long waiting lines for plastic surgeries that can sometimes be as long as 6 months. Occasional last-minute cancellations happen at every medical practice, including our clinic. This inspired us to create a Last-minute booking service that would let you book the surgery asap.

Special last-minute discount (5-10%)

Patients booking their surgery slot for the next 14 days (if there are available dates) will receive a special 10% discount towards their surgery! Too soon? Book a surgery slot for the next 30 days and receive a 5% discount towards the surgery. Discounts apply to surgeries under our current price list and can not be combined.

How does it work?
This important feature will give you a chance to get surgery without the waiting list by simply taking a last-minute cancellation slot. You can sign up for the last-minute cancellation slot on a specific week through our customer service representatives. Here is how it works:
  • your case should be approved by the surgeon and booked for the specific week by our customer service
  • you should travel to Lithuania at the weekend before the specific week agreed
  • the clinic obliges to perform a surgery of your choice between Monday and Saturday on the agreed week, depending on the available slots arising due to cancellations of other patients
  • the exact surgery date and time, as well as the surgeon performing the surgery, will be given to you on short notice during your stay, most likely (but not necessarily) it will be at the first part of the week
  • please keep in mind, that you will not be able to book a specific surgeon, day, or time, as it will all depend on the other patients’ cancelation(s). Rest assured that all our surgeons are equally qualified and have been working together as a team for a long time now, performing over 3.000 plastic surgeries a year
  • we commit to guarantee you a specific surgery time by Saturday on the agreed week
  • in a very unlikely case of us not providing a surgery time for you, we will compensate up to 1.000 Eur to cover your flights and accommodation expenses

Important to note!

This service is not possible for a facelift, rhinoplasty, and revision surgeries, as they are done by specific surgeons in our clinic and there is a high chance they will not have cancellations that week.

How to sign up?
If you would like to sign up for a Last-minute booking service simply contact your customer service representative and ask to sign up for a specific week of your interest.