Steph’s transformation story

We want to share an inspiring story of our patient Steph O’Shea. After achieving significant weight loss, she was left with saggy skin and low self-esteem. In spite of that she was unable to get the surgery with the NHS, as it was deemed a cosmetic procedure. So she raised the money on GoFundMe and came to our clinic from the UK to have loose skin removal surgery.

Steph's story on BBC

Steph O’Shea’s story started when she shed 10 stone after years of being overweight. But that didn’t give her a body she always dreamed of due to all of the excess skin left after such a massive weight loss.

I have to fold my arms up to get into my clothes. I am embarrassed. I hate it.

Surgery in Nordesthetics clinic

Eager to enjoy all the benefits of her incredible weight loss Steph decided to have the saggy skin removed. She traveled to Lithuania to have surgery that helped her feel happier and more confident in her own body.  

I just want to have one day where I can genuinely not to put a brave face and pretend smile. But I just want to be happy.

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