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1.000 € / 865 £ (otoplasty surgery)

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Otoplasty - from 1.000 / 865 £

  • consultation with the surgeon
  • necessary health tests
  • surgery
  • anaesthesia
  • 24/7 personal assistance during your stay
  • transfers to / from the airport, hotel and clinic

Please note that the price of otoplasty surgery itself is provisional and may be accurately assessed only after the evaluation of each individual case.

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Plastic surgeon lithuania   Plastic surgery in Lithuania
Virtual tour in our clinic in Lithuania. Plastic surgeon Dr Maslauskas is talking about the procedures performed in our clinic such as liposuction, fat transfer, tummy tuck, breast lift, etc.  

Our surgeons Dr Kaikaris and Dr Maslauskas participate in the TV series ''Mission: Beauty'', which takes place in our clinic in Lithuania. The episode is with English subtitles.

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What sets us apart from other clinics
Otoplasty price Experienced surgeons: have 15 years of experience in plastic surgeries, 250 surgeries per year.
Otoplasty price Certified surgeons: our surgeons have UK, Sweden and Denmark Certificates of specialist in plastic surgery
Otoplasty price Half the price of Western counterparts. The same materials, facilities, medical staff qualification. Price difference is only due to considerably lower average salaries and taxes.
Otoplasty price Modern clinic: equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities, patients are looked after by English speaking staff. 24 hours nursing.
Otoplasty price All English speaking staff: from the customer service desk to nurses, assistants and surgeons
Otoplasty price 24/7 assistance: during your entire stay in Lithuania
Otoplasty price Easy to reach: 2-3 hours regular flights from all main UK & Ireland airports: Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool and Dublin
Otoplasty price All inclusive price: the package price for the surgery includes all medications, consultations, surgery, hospitalisation, etc.
Otoplasty price Testimonials from other UK patients: we can give you lots of testimonials from our previous UK patients, their personal numbers as well as before/after pictures
Otoplasty price Credibility of country: Lithuania has been a part of the EU and NATO for already 8 years, Lithuania is one of the fastest growing countries in the whole region, has the second fastest internet speed in the World, has trained many medical professionals who are highly appreciated and employed by many UK hospitals and more.
Competence of plastic surgeons

Plastic surgeons

  • Our surgeons perform more than 250 surgeries per year each
  • Licensed in the UK, Denmark, and Sweden
  • Had courses in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, etc.
  • Members of Lithuanian Society of Plastic Surgery
Otoplasty (ear correction) surgery

Ear correction surgery abroad: Lithuania, prices

Prominent ears, sometimes called “bat ears”, are one of the most common visible congenital ear deformations. It never causes hearing problems, however, it is often a psychological discomfort when people feel the lack of confidence or even have to face bullying and giggle.

Unusual and not aesthetic appearance of prominent ears is very often noticed among children and is considered as a shame. Nowadays parents often solve the problem of prominent ears for their children at a very young age in order to avoid possible future problems. Another reason why it might be effective to have the ear correction surgery at a young age, is that the size of the ears of a 6 years old child becomes 96% of the total grownups` ear size so practically there is no risk of the major changes in the future. Of course, there is always a possibility that nobody notices prominent ears and that might not be a problem at all.

The otoplasty surgery takes just 1.5 hour. It is usually done under a local anesthesia. After the surgery a patient can almost immediately recover at home. After the surgery ears are bandaged in order to protect and to promote the best healing position for the ears. A new dressing is necessary the next day. Stitches are taken out in 7- 8 days. A bandage over the ears must be worn the next 7 days 24 hours per day. Later it is advised to wear the bandage 2 weeks more at a nighttime.

Complications after the otoplasty surgery are rare. For 3% of all patients there is a light bleeding for the first couple of days. For the same amount of all patients an ear can return to the previous position in 2-3 months, but then the second corrective surgery can be done. However, most common symptom after the surgery is the slight pain which the patients may feel for 1-2 days.

Our clinic is the biggest plastic surgery center in Baltic states

klinikk i Litauen klinikken i litauen klinikk i litauen

Personal assistance

We will advise you on travel arrangements including flights to and from Lithuania.  We will take care of airport pick up and drop off and arrange a pleasant stay in a comfortable hotel at a convenient location.  We will be there for you 24/7 if needed.

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